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One useful tool of language learning

I recently try use one tool named "Duolingo" (,  which could be accessible to link in your side through app or website. I am seemed to be a salesman to introduce if you are  learners especially who are still hunting one better tool to learn foreign languages , while I am not.

As just a French beginner, I have changed my own way , from Chinese thinking into English-French  inter-translating. From words forms, or grammar, English could be traced its root from French similary for existing relationship undoubtedly, despite they are belonged to different family member. But I have to say, English here as one of eyes or an arm to set up my confidence to learn French better, at least I could understand even clearly than before. Most importantly, I could get memorized when I took times and times again in translating exercises. Certainly,  you can utilize your functional tool or other language to feel such an experience. What I want to share is not only one website, moreover, to seek one most of suitable approach and keep on it all the way. 

Good luck to you!

Jul 25, 2016 3:44 PM
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So Scott, 日本語は、やぱり難しいですか?へへ。 残念なことは、以前に私は日本語の勉強するときに、そんなツールがすごしいらしいですね。
July 25, 2016
You should definitely look into the app "Memrise." I use it to help remember Japanese vocabulary and sentence structure. Very helpful!
July 25, 2016
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