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Is it possible to learn and understand each Chinese characters/Kanji INDIVIDUALLY?

I heard that each character contains its own meaning, which bugs me because there are thousands of them knowing that I saw several kanji that seem to carry the same meanings... O.o









Jul 25, 2016 9:30 PM
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Not many characters hold exactly the same meaning - however they have the same English definition. For example 明 and 亮  are both talking about different types of bright. You cannot use them interchangeably

It seems hard - but just start :) .... After a while, you will just suddenly know the meaning of so many characters!

July 27, 2016
Many words are tranditional Chinese, people donot use them in the mainland of China, but people in Hongkong or Taiwan use them, actually I think you just need to learn simplified Chinese character, it is easier than tranditional Chinese
July 26, 2016

Like see and watch in English, these words have their own usage.


Just keep learning and practicing, and it will come naturally.


Hope my answer could help. Btw, I'm learning Spanish, add me on Skype if you are interested. 

July 26, 2016
They do all have meaning on their own, but some can't be used on their own. Sometimes they have to be combined to form their own word. But, if you know what each individual character means, then you can potentially find out what other words mean. For example, 再见,which means see you later in Mandarin Chinese. 见 means to see, so you can figure out that 再见 has something to do with seeing. Once you find out that 再 is a word for "again", then you know that 再见 means to see again. 
July 26, 2016


 I think you buy a dictionary is better, the Modern Chinese Dictionary or Ci Hai, encountered do not understand can read, learning Chinese will be much simpler. If you need the answer to tell me, I will teach you, of course, line can also be on the exchange.


July 26, 2016
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