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Just use your Imagination( Expect the end)

Let’s play a game is called « Expect the end »

I’ll tell you about a story. Then, you should expect the end of the story by using your imagination. You can imagine whatever you want to finish this story. :)

Once upon a day, there was a girl who could talk to the moon. Her name was « Pretty », and she was a beautiful girl. Pretty was mysterious; no one knows about her. Some of her neighbors said that she was a magician because no one could know how she was able to talk to the moon.One day, a king invited "Pretty" to his castle to ask her about the secret. Then , the king said to  the girl sarcastically:"Pretty, we have been informed that you’re the girl who can talk to the moon. So, tell us, how could you do that? and What did the moon tell you?"



So, What do you expect the answer of Pretty will be ?


Let’s use our wide imagination to complete this story. ^^

Looking forward to read your comments,

Thanks in advance.  :)


Jul 25, 2016 10:32 PM
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The king asked "How did you talk to the moon?"

Pretty said "I utilized a Spectra-Physics diode-pumped infrared neodymium laser, yielding an effective 1.8 beam-terawatts per steradian. I guided it with a GOTO system cannibalized from a Orion Dobsonian reflector, and aimed at the corner-cube reflectors left behind by Apollo 11. I modulated the laser with pulse-code modulation at a 100 megahertz clock frequency, with full parity checking plus CRC-16."

The king asked "And what did the moon say to you?"

Pretty said "The moon reported signal strength, transit time, libration, and relative velocity based on the Doppler shift."

July 26, 2016

Thank YOU Sorour ;)

In your begining, I directly saw an importance of the "mysterious" side of your character so I wanted to use it ! I was not expecting you would like the end, I didn't even think about it actually so maybe I should :)

I'm going to give it a try!

The king was sleeping now and maybe dreaming about what happened this night, what he had see.

Pretty was now outside, facing the starts and the Moon. We could see happiness in her eyes, kindness through her mouth. She had a secret, and people were starting to discover it but she didn't want to because it would not be a secret anymore. She was walking in the forest near the castle. She walked, and walked and walked again. The silent was everywhere, no sound. Pretty finally came on a montain. She could see the forest she had passing through and, there was the castle. It seemed so far from her but still huge, and everything was beautiful. The Moon was still here, but the Sun was slowly waking up. Pretty knew it was HER moment, her last night. She looked back at the castle, at her neighboor's houses, at the forest. A bird passed in front of her, it sang a little, a lovely sound in Pretty's ears. She was breathing for the last time.

She looked for the last time at the Moon and finally disapeared. The sun was at the top of the sky, taking the place of the Moon.

When the king woke up, he took a look at the sky and thought again about his strange night. And for all the next nights he lived, his eyes were looking at the sky, the sky where we could see the Moon. She was looking at the castle like if she was taking care of the village. The neighboors and the king was now sure : Pretty was different.

July 26, 2016

She answered : "Dear king, you are saying something really strange, aren't you? You said I can talk to the moon? But who said that? No one can do that and me neither, I don't have super power."

The king added : "Some of your neighboor." *what a mysterious girl, he thought, I knew it was impossible but they were so sure about her.*

"And you trust them? You are crazy Sir. And by the way, you have a really lovely castle, thank you for invited me." She said.

The king offered to "Pretty" a boal of soup for the dinner. She started to take the spoon and then eat the king's meal. They continued to talk and the king finally asked her again about the moon : "Do you know why these people say you can talk to the moon?"

"No, I don't. However, I suppose they have an awesome and crazy imagination."

Suddenly, the light in the castle changed. The sun left so quick. And the moon appeared. The king and "Pretty" had a look at the window. When the king looked again through the table, "Pretty" was not here anymore. He was wondering where she had left, and how was she gone so fast? He took another look at the window, seeing the moon. This night particularly, the moon was so big and so white. The king had a cute smile on his face, he was more and more curious about this girl. He took his spoon again and finish his meal, alone.

(I'm happy to edit a comment for the first time ahah)

So I just wanted to post my own version of the "end" before reading the other comments. I didn't want to be inspire or kind of. Guys you wrote really interesting and lovely stories, and Sorour, thanks a lot for this discussion. I love that! Hope It won't be too bad :)

July 26, 2016
"Oh mighty king, " Said Pretty, "Not only am I speaking with the moon, but I am the moon!" The king was very taken aback by this. "What on earth do you mean, child?" Replied the King. Pretty went on to tell her long tale of how when she was just a small partical of the universe she would float around space endlessly dreaming of the day she would get to come to earth. One day while she was so deep in thought, she got terribly lost and could not find her way back to her partical family! She desperatly grabbed on to the closets thing she saw, which later turned out to be the moon. She held on so tight and for so long that her little particals started to unwind and attach to the moon. .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
July 26, 2016
Oh Lord I am not the one who takes up the contact to the moon. It is he, who calls me. Once I was a little twinkling star and escorted him, because he is very lonely. He loves the sun so much and can't forget her since he saw her on the very first day of the world. But since the birth of their daughter the "Earth" they must now look, like all parents, after the child's welfare. And so he looks after her at night and the sun does it by day. It is a serious task, because the Earth is a jealous child. It doesn't want to share its love with their love for one another. Constantly it behaves like a stupid child and so there is no time for the lovers. The moon continues behind the sun and when he sees her, he gets red because of all joy to have a glance at her. The moon send some stars , like me, to the Earth, who help him to look after his child. And so I tell the moon every night how the Earth is doing and whether she found new friends who help her to grown. If you love the Earth, want to take care of her and by this want to help the moon and the sun , I am pretty sure he will talk to you one night too.
July 26, 2016
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