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To eat crow.

Hello friends.


Some days ago my cousin talked  ( he teaches English language in the university) about an idiom: To eat crow. And he talked an origin of this expression. It was very interesting story. Do you know it ?

2016年7月26日 12:18
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Thank you for telling us about this, Leyla, and thank you for the explanation, Richard.


I'd never heard this expression before, so I've learnt something here. It seems similar to the expression 'eat humble pie'.


Had I leapt straight in at the beginning and said this expression didn't exist ( which is what I was tempted to do)... well, I'd be eating crow by now. :)


Once again, I have shown my ignorance* by saying that "no one eats a crow".

* ignorance means "lack of knowledge/missing knowledge" although the word is often used by native English speakers to mean "stupidity".


After I said that no one eats a crow, I did a little Google search and discovered that there are some peope who do eat crows, and I even found some recipes for cooking crows.

The search terms I used were simply "do people eat crows".

Here are the search results:


But I still don't know the origin of the idiom, however Bandar's explanation sounds very reasonable.


Looking forward to your explanation Leyla...

he he i think russians have the equal saying (idiom) : to eat a dog. The meaning is ..Person is very experienced in the matter , he knows all the aspects of it, he is a master of it = he ate a dog.
Crow can not be eaten because it eats dead animals.

I'm a native English speaker from Canada.

Everyone in Canada and the US knows this idiom.

But most of us don't know the origin (the origianl meaning) of this idiom.


A crow is a bird... so why would someone eat a crow (actually no one eats crows).


I am looking forward to your explanation of this funny idiom...

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