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Hi everyone! In September I'm gonna start to attend language university as my dream is to become an interpreter. At first , I wanted to study both english and arabian but then I made some researches on the second language, and I found out that the official language (standard arabic) is just spoken  by the 2 percent of the whole population whereas the majority of it just speak dialects. I'm afraid that it'll take too much time to lean both the standard language and some dialects as well , and I think that it'll be impossibile to master it. What do you suggest me?  To have it a go or just changing the language? Is it too difficult to learn and master?

I've also thought to study german along with english because I reckon it's much easier compared to arabian , but I'm just uncertain and puzzled

Jul 26, 2016 12:41 PM
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"Again it worth study if you do. "
I meant "it worth some reasearch". The job market.

As to 2 percents, where did you see this figure?

As I understand, nobody speaks MSA at home.

It is just like if you had all the books in (somewhat modernized) Latin, if you learned to read and write in Latin, if TV-news were in Latin and politicians delivered speeches in Latin and nobody took Italian dialects seriously, compiled grammars, studied etc.. You already have something like this, but not to that extent:)

And also, assume the soap operas on TV are in dialect... mostly in a dialect of French:) (as an analogy to Egyptian shows). And they, guys in France take their dialect more seriously, they publish courses of French dialect, teach foreighners Frecnh dialect... there are even some books in French dialect! And when you, Italians advice foreighners asking 'which dialect to learn' to learn Latin, guys from France say 'learn French!' (though there are dialects within France).

And the literacy rate is not that high, so no, not everybody can speak modernized Latin correctly, but still it is mostly understood. Even in France.

July 26, 2016

Hi, Mirko.

To be honest with you, it will be difficult for you to master the Arabic language but if you just want  to speak Arabic fluently it will be sort of easy. all of the dialects of Arabic language are same if you learn one dialect, you will be able to understand the other dialects directly.

July 26, 2016

Mirko, what is your goal?

I mean, any reason to "master" it in some absolute (non-relative) sense? When a certian language is 'hard' for an Italian it also means, most of other Italian learners don't speak it well too:)

And also are you concened with job market? Again it worth study if you do. Though I'm afraid, there are really many Arabs who speak Italian. Obviously, an Arab has a HUGE advantage in MSA and other Arabic dialects (besides his/her native dialect). I don't know whether there are employers interested in Arab-speaking Italian rather than Italian speaking Arab, how numerous are Arabs with the education, mastery of Italian etc. needed...

It is just a few thigs to consider. I dn't have an answer or advice:(

Personally, I never take such things as emplyment opportunities into account (and there are jobs even for Burmese... funny ones, but harder to find), if I did I woudl study programming languages/engineering instead and also I think that 'interpreter' is freaking hard job. Also I think, everybody must learn Chinese now:)

July 26, 2016
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