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Olympics 2016

Hello Everyone

I believe that everyone know the Olympics 2016 will happen in Brazil.It is coming.

I live in Rio de Janeiro and people from many different countries are coming to my city to be volunteer or watch the games. 

Are you coming to Brazil?

Have you ever visited my country and also my city?

What do you think about those ones?

Let's talk about our countries and cultures!

Jul 26, 2016 12:45 PM
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I live in Rio and I didn't find a very exciting atmosphere. Also, I didn't meet many foreigners on the streets. I believe the World Cup brought much more thrill to the city. :)  
September 12, 2016
I have never been abroad,when I am there,I will share my impressions ^^ :D ^^
September 12, 2016

I was seeing many people from all of the world on the streets but I didn't talk with them. I just had some contact with some British at "Arena da Barra" and I was also talking with USA Goalball Team some days ago ( in the paralympics). 

All the places were I was trying to go were crowded and I don't like crowded places. 

I think the atmosphere was good but now it is really better. The paralympics spirit is really better than the Olympics because It is about the real overcoming of limitations.

September 12, 2016
It has been good Gvantsa...Now it is the paralympics. I was watching some games. 
September 12, 2016
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