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from vs by I had/got  my hair cut from/by my hairdresser.   Can I use the prepositions interchangeably in this case? 
27 de Jul de 2016 às 07:21
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"to have/get + object + past participle" is a passive construction and so you always use "by" if you want to identify  the agent.

e.g. I had / I got my car repaired (by my usual mechanic).

You can use "get from + place" in its usual literal sense

e.g. I got my last car from my local Jaguar Land Rover garage.

(This was the place where I got or obtained the car)

27 de Julho de 2016

No you cant.

I got a hair cut from my hairdresser.

I had my hair cut by my hairdresser. 

27 de Julho de 2016
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