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if you had the chance to change your career which job would you choose :) If i had this chance i would choose my job again ...clinical pharmacist , what about you ?
Jul 27, 2016 5:52 PM
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Today ?  Corrupt politician. They have no penalties. I would be very corrupt... haha I'm kidding
July 27, 2016
هi have no job yet Xd
August 10, 2016

I would try to focus on the point "why we need work". There are a high range of industries you may have contributed to and you seem to regret what you have done, yet do not forget that we work for life not live for work. In other words, if you are not content with your life, no matter what work you do or however much money you earn, you might be unable to be a good happy worker. Tracing to the origin of life, probably just choose work that may satisfy you and your family. That is all, I consider. 


In my view, to run a small business is the most hilarious journey worthy to invest in any way.

August 9, 2016
Spiritual master
July 28, 2016
This would be very hard for me because I didn't go down the path I originally wanted to because of love. If I had not chosen love, I would have tried to get a fellowship with the State Department and try to get acceptance to a position at an embassy in China or Taiwan. Whether I would have succeeded is highly suspect, but who knows where I might have gone? On the other hand, if I hadn't chosen love then I wouldn't have my husband and I wouldn't have my son; I could never regret my son, never. So, I am where I am and I am now pursuing a position as a teacher of Novice Chinese learners.
July 27, 2016
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