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I am on this website a lot. It has provided me with useful information and tips on learning different languages and I've gotten some assistance from really good people. Learning a language has become a big challenge for me in the past and it still is sometimes, but I'm working through those challenges and improving my own skills with and without the help of others. I believe that, without the effort it took to get where I am now, I would not be able to communicate half as well as I do in all the languages I study. 

On this website, I also see many others putting forth an extreme effort to understand the language they are learning and they usually do it by communicating only in that language. I admire people like that. 

On the opposite end of the spectrum, however, I see others here who don't put in the effort to fulfill their goals. I am unsure whether their ultimate goal is to actually learn a new language, or simply complete a homework assignment that they are only half-way committed to doing, but it's a shame how little they try. 

A common example I often see of this is people asking for translations. I'm not talking about simple one word translations (which are a simple google search away) or even something so small as a 10-word sentence, but full paragraphs of information. I'm not sure if these people realize how much effort actually goes into translation. It's a fairly arduous task that requires some practice to perfect. It's not the simple changing of words, but also the transformation of cultural and linguistic context from one language into another. Often times, certain concepts are difficult or even impossible to translate correctly, since there is no relate-able concept in Language A as there is in Language B. So, you can imagine how taxing an activity this can be as you wrack your brain for 15 minutes over a single word or phrase. It's something people usually get paid for, because it takes varying amounts time and effort. Having done translation on an amateur basis for my work, it can take as much as an hour to translate 2 paragraphs, depending on the complexity of the language. 

My suggestion, to those who are actually in need of a translations of a text is that you do one of two things: (1) Either pay for the service to ensure a quality translation or (2) attempt to translate the text yourself and then (and only then) can you ask for and expect at least one person to help you out. If you show people that you are making an effort to understand what you want translated and do a part of the work yourself, others will be more willing to assist and guide you into full understanding. It's unfair to even try to ask for help, when you have shown no evidence that you've at least made an attempt; that's just lazy. 

I don't mean to continue on with this in a ranting way, but it really is frustrating to see this sort of thing. If you don't try, you're never going succeed at learning a language. I hope those reading this understand that as well and will also put forth their best effort to achieve their goals. 


Jul 28, 2016 1:07 AM
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