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The strucute of a sentence

Hi, I'm so confused about a sentence, can you help me work out the structure?

Here's the sentence:

Try as he might, he couldn't open the door.

I thought in this sentence, ”as" works as a conjuction, but what it follows isn't a complete sentence, just a word, "might".

Does the first part of the sentence leave out something?Or ?

Thanks a lot! :)

28 июля 2016 г., 3:34
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This sentence has the same meaning as, "although he tried very hard to open the door, he couldn't do it."

It's a common expression in English to say "Try as he/she/I might, he/she/I couldn't ____." It expresses regret and frustration at a failure to do something—in this case, the person is frustrated they couldn't open the door.

I'm not sure it's grammatically correct, or an expression that has taken on its own meaning over time. Hope this helps!

28 июля 2016 г.

Thanks a lot!! 

It really helps!!!


28 июля 2016 г.
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