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Lorenzo Z
Meaning of " ..manage logistic-wise.. "


Can someone explain me the meaning of the following sentence?

These are the events you could be able to help manage logistic-wise.

Thank you!

Jul 28, 2016 1:29 PM
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Ok, you've stumbled onto Business-ese and American business-ese at that.  Like all good made-up languages they are designed to keep "others" out of their playpen.

1) It means "you should be able to manage the logisitics of this event".  So, the logistics-wise bit is saying you don't have to manage the whole event just the logisitcs.  However, the word "manage" can have two meanings, it can be to organise or it can mean to attend.  So, 2) you could be being told that you can physically attend the event. 

Two meanings, made harder because of bullshit-ese.  ;-) and you need context to be sure what is being said.

"-ese" is equally a bit of nonsense, and would be used to turn Japan into Japanese.

July 28, 2016
Lorenzo Z
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