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ted alison
robot - wife...(dreamland!!!)

why i think about something like robot -wife(or even robot-husband for females!!!)  ?

1 - Because i think the good love there is only in our mind , not in reality!

females in reality r not as same as our dreams or as same as romantic movies! , but we like something like that , then maybe we could make it !

females in reality have needs , and when they come toward you or they accept you , maybe it is not for you , it is for themselves , maybe exactly like you(= like men)!!! 

but how ?

I think it could happen with neural network and other fields of technology!!!!!!

i could talk a little more if i knew language more than this!

The benefits of a robo-wife :

1- It is what u want , or what u wish to be!

even u could order it's options!!!!!!!!!! :) the beauty , personality , behavior and etc.

2 - It could care of you !!!!

human loves maybe destroy u , but robo-love(!!!) knows u , maybe it could be smarter than u and of course she can learn ! she could present the most suitable behavior for per second of your life and take care of your heart and soul and your mind and don't make you nut and crazy!

and it could help u when you r sick or when your old!

it could help u , work for u with a smile and don't get tired !!!!!!!

3- maybe u could turn it off!!!!! and turn it on whenever u want!!!

yes , if u miss for your loneliness , maybe u could turn it of for some time and u will put it in the closet !!!!!!!

yes , it's amazing , u could put it in the closet and u could have your own world whenever u want!!!

4- u could change it!

you could ask her change her face or body or behavior or ...

5- what is the other benefits guys ? u tell the next!


It sounds good , would u want one of them? :))))


But if it is smarter than u , is she controls u or just serves to u ?

there r a lot of problems and this could be one of them !!!


Jul 28, 2016 5:43 PM
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For some reason your comments reminded me of this old American horror movie, about a town where the women are altered to be more like their husbands ideals of the ¨perfect women.¨ In case you like watching movies in English, here is the title of what to search for on YouTube:  

The Steptford Wives - 1975 (PG)

July 29, 2016

I smell social issues. It's like hikikomori (ひきこもり) with the benefit of 'company'. 

On the other hand it's like being in love with yourself with a doll in between, which may suit to people with a certain kind of psychological state. I can intellectually understand the people with dreams and desires like this, but that's about it.

Also, this reminds me of the Futurama episode "I Dated a Robot".

July 29, 2016

Hi Sudeep...thanks for your comment...


about emotions...i think it could understand our emotions and i think maybe the solution is in the concept of "neural network "!


So we are created by someone unknown(God)and thinking about becoming the next God perhaps make ourselves unknown to this world.So let's just be ourselves and stay with ourselves

I think this part of your words was is meaningless!!!

July 28, 2016

:):)So basically you are talking about a machine which can fulfill all your needs.Sing according to you,dance according to your wish,cooks your favourite foods and so on..But what about emotion??This is the thing that really make human distinct from the machine.No matter ,the robot will do everything for you,but would you get the real touch,real flow of love???So, in my opinion, it is good to be like us rather than to think something stupid,Yes, this kind of idea put a question mark on our mind but we should not think about the solution because, in the end, we will find this question crazy and ambiguous.So we are created by someone unknown(God)and thinking about becoming the next God perhaps make ourselves unknown to this world.So let's just be ourselves and stay with ourselves.Please correct me if I'm wrong.Thank you:) 

July 28, 2016

Astrid...thanks for your comment...about  narcissism , maybe your right , I'm curious to find out it ! If there is a reliable website that takes psychological tests for realizing narcissism , please introduce  it !!!!!!!! But maybe it's better u think about don't marking on others!!!


and again , i'll be pleased if someon correct my texts !!!!


July 30, 2016
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