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The worst thing I NEVER did

People love to feel they did the right thing. When were you tempted to do something bad, but in the end you remained virtuous?

All are encouraged to answer, no matter what language(s) you speak or learn. I'll try to be as helpful as possible when correcting responses.

I remember a few times when I was in Walmart (a popular grocery store), and had a basket full of items at the checkout. One of those items included a big sack of water bottles and the very bottom of the basket. After the cashier scanned nearly everything, he/she would forget to scan the water bottles and I could have easily just paid for the other items, and left without anyone noticing that the water bottles were never scanned. I knew this was considered stealing, and as a small business owner myself, I would hate for someone to steal from me, no matter how big or small the value. So I eventually told the cashier "hey, you forgot the water bottles I have at the bottom" and all was well. I didn't have a single bit of guilt in my veins.

Although this was a rather bland example, I may share more interesting stories after reading all of yours :-) 

Jul 28, 2016 6:22 PM
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I remember something that happened once when I was living in Japan.  I frequented a small convenience store near my apartment.  One day the cashier took my money and gave me my change, and without looking at it I put it in my wallet and walked home.  When I got home I arranged my money more neatly, and was so confused by what I had in my hand.  After a moment I realized that in giving me my change, she had also picked up the bill I gave her (10,000 Yen note= approx. $100!) and given it all back to me.  Now I barely knew any Japanese, so to go there to explain what happened would be extremely difficult.  I had to try though, because I knew the difference in her drawer would cost her likely from her own pocket.  It took 3 times explaining in broken Japanese/ English/ gestures to the cashier and one more time with the manager, before the expression of understanding lit up their faces!! Finally they understood and thanked me over and over again. 
July 28, 2016

I've fantasized about going and turning off this one guy's dive tank underwater. His air consumption was horrible and the group's dives ended up getting cut short because of him. I didn't do it of course, but I'm sure doing that once would've taught him to watch his air consumption for the rest of his life. ;

July 28, 2016

Yes that's correct. Once I joined a sports team and the coach arranged the team(including me) in wrong form, although I told her the day before the match, that our arrangement may go wrong and basically I warned her, because I didn't want to loose.

but she cruelly did the excat wrong thing and we lost, she was happy about it but I was very sad. At the end with all my sadness, I told her that she must have done something else and she told me "don't tell me what to do, I know what's right!" 

I tried to help and do the right thing but she even though was wrong, insisted on being right.  

July 28, 2016
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