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How to get to know Christopher a bit better ... Here are “twelve random facts about me”. What are yours? :)

Hi folks,

I recall this being a post on Facebook several years ago, so I thought it might be fun to do it again on italki. It’s a very low-key post and thus hopefully not too dull to read. Please feel free to write and share your own ‘random facts’ - be imaginative and show your uniqueness!

1. I learnt French and Spanish at school and I’m learning Russian at the moment.

2. However, that doesn’t mean I can speak any of those languages intelligibly - at best, I am roughly at pre-intermediate level with my Russian. 

3. I am a big fan of ‘graphic novels’ or ‘comics’ for adults, such as ‘Watchmen’, ‘Maus’, ‘Persepolis’, etc.

4. However, I really don’t like superhero comics.

5. When I first started teaching English I found it very difficult to correct my student’s mistakes on the spot as I didn’t want to point out that they were wrong and potentially ‘offend' any of them  - a very British quirk of character. Nonetheless, I am now very thorough at correcting mistakes. And polite. :)

6. And, yes, I’m from the UK, but I do not like football and I do not support any teams. Especially not England!

7. I have been a diabetic for nearly 14 years.

8. I am left-handed.

9. By the time I’m 100 years old, I would like to have visited EVERY SINGLE COUNTRY IN THE WORLD!!  

10. But so far, I have only visited around 17. :(

11. Aside from teaching, I do voiceovers for advertisements, TV dramas, documentaries, etc.

12. I met my wife through italki!!!!!!!! ^_^


Jul 28, 2016 9:44 PM
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Hello all & hi Christopher (thumbs up with the wife thing), 

Since I still have time to procrastinate (I'm on vacation this week), lets play ball. 

1. I studied French for 2 years in high school, of which 1½ years was mostly grammar. Later, it turned out that a lot of the pronunciation and vocabulary was taught horribly wrong. Luckily, my university's teacher was born in Lille, France and she was very skillful at her job and majority of the damage was corrected. I only pronounce some of the words wrong now, you know, out of 'old' memory. 

2. I cook everything from raw and unprepared, unspiced food items 5 days a week. I can cook many European cuisines, Chinese, Mexican and fusion. The cooking session can take anything from around one hour to 'a working day'.

3. People like to think I'm a serious person. Especially if they don't know me. 

4. However, I always love a good joke and do joke often. With a serious face, like any professional comedian, of course.

5. I've studied a number of subjects at up to doctorate level, but only bothered to get out one degree after secondary school. 

6. I played ice hockey for 16 years in a row. Yet, my only medals and prizes are from football (or soccer to some) and cross country skiing.

7. I always loved geography, but really caught the travel bug in 2010... 

8. ...after which I've visited by average 10 countries a year.

9. I published my bucket list, or 161, online. It's still there as a part of my personal blog.

10. I've written one book that has been published. And some that haven't been.

11. I play four music instruments, was actively a part of the music scene, had several albums published yet never did a public show/gig.

12. I've a lot of stories to tell due to many unexpected happenings like I've had the craziest of neighbors, been on a handful TV show shootings, ... but I tell those only to friends.

July 29, 2016
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