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Finding a good discussion to follow is becoming more and more difficult, isn't it?

I'm in habit of reading the comments below discussions as much as I can, as a way to learn English . Thanks to them, I've learned many new phrases and idioms. It's been an absolutely astonishing experience that I recommend it to all of you . However, it's not that easy and have its own troubles. The main problem with the discussion is that finding a good one is genuinely difficult! People show less interest in carry out a serious and informative discussion compared to last months. Am I right? If so, why is that? Is there any better website for this?

In my humble opinion, this is happening for some reasons. First, some topics are patently boring. for instance, I wonder what's the point of asking "which city do you like most"? To me, it's a useless question to ask especially when people just name the city and don't add anything else to their response. What's more interesting is that sometimes the person who initiates the discussion just walks away right after asking the question and doesn't go online until several days later! And When they are back, they just say "Thank you guys for your input!". Second, some choose the most controversial issues to talk about such as religion related topics, ISIS and so on. They want to use this website as a tool to change other people's mind and mostly in not a pleasant way. I really doubt that they can achieve their goal. I believe it has an effect opposite the one intended actually. So please don't choose such topics for God's sake! ;)

Is there another reason that occurs to you?

Jul 29, 2016 1:11 PM
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Mohammad... you've asked an excellent question and raised an important issue.


I've been an italki member for quite a few years.

I have initiated/posted more than 100 discussions and most of them teach something related to English learning. I've also tried to make the discussion interesting, instructive and even a little entertaining.


But, when I see discussions asking "what is your favourite colour or food" or "what are you doing today", AND they get more hits or comments than the helpful discussions I post, I get a little disappointed. After all, these instructive discussions do take some time and effort to prepare (and basically, they teach at no cost to the member).


I realize that some light-hearted discussions encourage English learners to participate, but I cannot help but feel that some of my posts (as well as other helpful posts) are simply not appreciated.



July 30, 2016
Hello Mohammadreza,
I completely agree with some points of your discussion. Also, we should eliminate the controversial subjects not to be exposure to unreasonable debates. What you and other users have noticed reflects an important issue, let's clarify this issue in the response of one question. Why people have joined italki? I think the answer should be, to learn/practice languages and knowledge. Unlikely, so many users don't have these targets, they spend time talking, make relationships, or may be other goals! If italki users are working honestly on getting logical and beneficial targets, this issue will disappear soon, and we will feel notable progress and improvements in the entire activities.

July 31, 2016

People here are all at different levels, so you cant expect every discussion to be academic or to suit your needs. Remember the discussions are not for your benefit they are for the benefit of the author.   You will see discussions come and go a lot as new people come to italki perhaps with less English. it also depends on the time of day you are posting.

It would be good if Italki could break down the questions into basic intermediate or advanced, but I think it would over complicate things. 

If you are looking for a good discussion, go to . As a Teacher I use it a lot to ask students questions. 

It sounds like you have a lot to contribute as your English is good, I can see why you would be bored if people are generally of a lower level. Its a common problem for those people who reach a stage beyond intermediate because its about how to express your ideas better rather than basic grammar. 

July 31, 2016

I have been away for a few months and came back a few days ago.  I also like to follow discussions. They always interest me both from a language learners perspective and a social/sociological one (different cultures, ideas etc).  I think I noticed the same decline in interesting subjects as you.  Might be a bit early to say but this is my general feeling at least.

It could be because it is Summer and people are on vacation.  Oh well.

I guess we will find out in a couple of months.

July 31, 2016

However, it's not that easy and have its own troubles. The main problem with the discussion is that finding a good one is genuinely difficult! People show less interest in carry out a serious and informative discussion compared to last months. 

1- its own problems=> trouble is uncountable

2- less interest in carrying out=> after a prep. like 'in' you need 'v.+ing' 

July 30, 2016
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