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Please Help me. I want to hear your advice I am trying to improve my English language skills specially pronunciation skills. my level is intermediate so i started taking online lessons with a native speaker from England so he is teaching me English with the British accent. i really adore  hearing people talking with the British accent but unfortunately i used  to say words by the american accent. i am feeling hard to pronounce with British accent however i love hearing it but i am also getting better with it rapidly, and when i say words by British accent a lot of people can't understand me and this is disappointing me because american English is more commonly used. Do you recommend to switch to american accent or keep going with the British one? and please give me recommendations for the best american native tutors to start lessons with one of them but please recommend the cheapest because 1 dollar = 9.5 EGP here in Egypt. thanks :)  
Jul 29, 2016 1:47 PM
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I won't say which accent is better because, although I'm biased toward my own American accent, I also adore the British accent and could listen to it all day long!

I think that you need to decide which accent to pursue based on what is most commonly spoken in  your area of the world, in your industry (if you'll be using it for work), where you'll travel (if you'll use it for traveling), and also what your personal preference is. If British English is more common in your country and in your workplace, it makes sense to stick with UK English.  If American English is more common, then think about switching. I know you said that American English is "more common" but I wasn't sure if you meant in general, around the world, or in your country or type of work. 

But, as the previous poster said, don't give up only because it's hard.  Some things are worth the effort.  And, to be honest, do you know if speaking American English will come any easier for you?

July 29, 2016
Hey! I read this and decided to give you advice. You should stick to English with a British accent. I personally speak English with an American accent, but you shouldn't give up because it's hard. You should try harder and work for it more. That's all I've got to say, have hope.
July 29, 2016
Dear Sarah thank you very much for your comment :). I live in Egypt and the commonly used English here is the American one in work and in communicating. i started learning the British accent one month ago and i am doing my best and i am a fast learner but i wanted to know which accent will be effective in dealing with others. I adore the British accent but i started to discover that it is not effective when i am using it with other people here in Egypt and this is disappointing :(
July 29, 2016
Thank you Lacey i appreciate your concern but what is your opinion about that a lot of people didn't understand British words? because basically i am trying to enhance my skills to talk fluently and making people understand what i am saying what is they didn't understand me when i am talking with the British accent? 
July 29, 2016
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