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Very Quick Translation Help

Hello everyone! I'm trying to get a clearer understanding of this 0:48 second video clip on Facebook:

I can grasp the general topic, but my listening skills are very low and I'm having trouble with words like "아람단" - for which I can't find a proper definition anywhere. I'm specifically curious about what exactly Sumin says before Tony mistakenly says Girl Scouts xD

Thank you so much for the help!

Jul 29, 2016 3:47 PM
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Thanks bulabi. If I may ask another question, even if they are the same type of organization, are they all part of one organization or is each separate organizations? I just want to be clear because Sumin talked about both in the video so it was confusing to me ^^;;

PS. You're English is really good ^^

August 7, 2016
They do have some minor differences between them. but from my point of view, as i'm not one of them, they're pretty much the same organizations. from their activities with children in south korea.. or many things... i'm not saying i look down on them.. it's just poor english.
August 7, 2016

in english, 아람단 is Korea Youth Association(KOYA).

check it this site.

and she said she is from 아람단.

July 29, 2016

Hi, Jennifer!

I found your old question while just look around this site.

I'm not sure you already understand what 아람단 means in the video clip.

But I think the answers above is a little far from the answer.

You need to know the 80's Korea to understand these situation. ; )

Korea was poor than Thai, Philippine etc. So there are many poor family.

Anyway, at that time there were two association, 아람단 and boys and girl scouts.

As I remember it, teachers handed out the two association applying paper to children at the early of 4th grade semester. And the children choose one of the association.

But, some poor children can not join the association because there are membership fee and they have to buy uniform.

So the child who joined one of the association are very proud of it.

And there are a little tension between two association. Actually the Scouts look down the 아람단. 

Because the membership fee of 아람단 is a little cheaper than the Scouts. 

And some of the children choose 아람단 by them self because they knew their parents were struggling with the poor. And they told to parents that 아람단 is better than Scouts.

I was one of them. ; )

August 12, 2016
세계 스카우트 연맹 (World Organization of the Scout Movement)->
한국 스카우트 연맹 (Korea Scout Association) -> 보이스카우트

걸스카우트 세계연맹 (World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts)->
한국 걸스카우트 연맹 (girl Scouts of Korea) -> 걸스카우트

해양소년단 (Sea Cadet Corps)->
한국 해양소년단 연맹 (Sea Explorers of Korea) -> 한국 해양소년단

한국 청소년 연맹 (Korea Youth Association) -> 아람단(elementary school), 누리단(middle school), 한별단(high school), 한울회(college, university)

국제우주소년단기구 YAI (Young Astronauts International)->
한국과학우주청소년단 (Young Astronauts Korea) -> 한국과학우주청소년단


each separate organizations.
August 10, 2016
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