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after chatting with native speakers i felt at a loss Hey guys~these days i meet a problem.that is i have been studying Korean for several months.At first i started to learn it by myself.i found a community tutor since this summer teacher is a native korean speaker .through our effort,i finally can speak it out ,and understood sth easy .and of courses my teacher knows what i am saying and what i wanna explain.but today,i decided to make a conversation with another native speaker,they didn't know what i was saying.and i didn't got them ,either. i am very come?what is the problem?  can you give me some advice?thank you ahead~
Jul 29, 2016 4:18 PM
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Things like this regularly happen. In your case, it may have been either: he could speak a dialect of Korean that you may not understand, or he/she may have spoken too fast. Hopefully you explained that, but if you didn't, it is fine too. One piece of advice would be to try out another session with that person, and if you continue to have trouble, you could try to find different speakers. Good luck!
July 29, 2016

As a language learner I have similar experience with yours.

One day I could speak EXTREMELY fluently, but the next day I couldn't say anything and nobody could understand what I am talking about. It's not only your problem.

And depends on people, it could differ.

 I am quite struggling with talking to old gentlemen because their tones are so low and pronunciations are not so much clear.

What we should do is just keep practising. :) Don't lose your hope! 


July 29, 2016
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