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What do you look for you in your teachers?

I'm just curious -- when you're looking for a teacher on italki (or anywhere), what are you looking for?  What skills or personality traits are important to you? What kind of information do you want them to include in their profile and their video? What isn't as important to you? 

For me, when I eventually look for a Spanish teacher, I will probably look for a professional teacher because my spoken Spanish level is pretty low and I think I need the more formal structure.  I will look for someone who is funny, patient, and kind because I love to laugh and will need someone who can put up with my mistakes and horrible gringa accent. :)  I think it would be useful if they told me in their profile how much experience they have teaching people and at what levels and what their approach to the language is. For example, do they like to do a lot of worksheets or do they focus more on conversation?  Do they try to teach you a lot of grammar or is it less formal?  As for what's not a important...gender of the teacher doesn't matter to me, nor does age. 

Jul 29, 2016 5:52 PM
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In a quotation I read somewhere--A teacher takes a hand,opens a mind and touches a heart.A teachers should be llike that.First of all he should be in a state to help everyone irrespective of anything,secondly,he should recognise the problem point of a student and should make a path according to that problem(problem may be differ from studen to student ,so he should able to make the way according to the problem and shouldn't stick to one approach)and thirdly,he should be like a kind,funny and sharing and caring person ,then only the student love to learn and the process of learning will be fasten.

Most of the students prefers an experience teacher.But in my view experience matters not much if one want to share knowledge,the only thing that matters is the interest and dedication.For example,when I was persuaing my degree, there was a very experienced teacher(well known for advanced control system)but when he was teaching everything was bouncing over our heads and I think it may be due to the lack of interaction with the students.

So become a teacher is a easy thing for some people and also a difficult job for some others.

Please correct me if I'm wrong.Thank you:)

July 29, 2016

Just the price. I don't pay more than seven dollars. As I just want to talk and I choose informal tutoring, my teacher's experience and background don't matter. 

July 30, 2016

I look for a teacher with education or certification in teaching so they know how to present material. Experience teaching is important but not critical. 

Beyond being a good match personality wise, I expect them to be flexible in their lessons. During the lesson, I expect them to give me as much talk time as possible. They shouldn't dominate the lesson time or conversation. 

August 2, 2016

"...when you're looking for a teacher on italki (or anywhere), what are you looking for?"

Whether or not the price of the lesson fits my budget.


"What skills or personality traits are important to you?"

Whether or not they speak clearly and distinctly, and that they give me their fullest attention while they are teaching (there are a few that eat their meals when they teach; not a deal breaker, but...).


"What kind of information do you want them to include in their profile and their video?"

What is their current location and availability


"What isn't as important to you?"

The only interest I have is whether or not they can help me improve my language skill set.


italki is the quintessential free market where buyer and seller meet together. However, this market is predicated upon time.

July 30, 2016
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