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want to learn by interesting ways ^.^

How can I be  a good speaker and reader in  English ? through movies ? stories ? songs ? and how ? *.*

Thank you !

Jul 29, 2016 11:57 PM
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You can join our English group, add my Skype: enssell123
July 30, 2016

I would recommend listening to as much stuff in english as you can. Whether that be in movies, music, books, etc. Even if you go buy a magazine and re-read the sentences over and over to be able to recognize things!

Good luck!

July 30, 2016
singing in english will improve your pronunciation (:
July 30, 2016
Reading definitely helps! Also, watch TV shows in English with subtitles in your language. That can help you with your listening skills. In order to be a good speaker, find some English native speakers to practice your English on. They can help you make corrections and fine tune your speaking skills. :)
July 30, 2016
Thank you all , I appreciate your comments . 
August 13, 2016
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