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how to remember the English clearly? i am angry to myself,i can spell and remember  the new words,but i always forget what it means  of you have any way to overcome this problem?
Jul 30, 2016 1:25 AM
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I am angry at myself. I can spell and remember new words, but I always forget what it means in Chinese  Do you have any way to overcome this problem?

Hello Jamas Rose,

I know that learning a new language can be tough, but I'll tell you a trick that someone shared with me...When you are learning a new word (for example "chair") instead of thinking chair and then translating it to a different language. Give it the I speak english but I am trying to learn Spanish when I see a chair I would normally  think Chair, then think (Silla- spanish for chair), but instead of doing that in my mind i give the chair a second name so it is chair and I won't be translating and having to remember the meaning. Does that make sense?

July 30, 2016

Our brain works better with associations. Look at this example: "Hello, how are you? Fine thanks! And you? Not bad." Did you need to translate this to chinese before understanding the meaning in English? I don´t think so! Why? Because these sentences are well-known by your brain. You probably heard, wrote, read and speak them several times. Every single time you did it you created a reference in your brain so that it is comfortable to access this content whenever you need.

So, my tip is not a secret to anyone: to practice a lot. Ok, but how to do it? First of all, think about languages skills separately: speaking, listening, writing and reading. So, if you would like to talk about personality, you need to research articles about it, get in touch with specific vocabulary, get some idioms / expressions related to it and work all of them under these 4 perspectives: reading, writing, speaking and listening.

The most important think is: if someone say to you: "house", never think about the word house in your language. Instead, think about a house, imagine a house and associate it with word "house". Make a context about a house and store it in your mind. That´s the trick!! I hope to have helped you! 

August 12, 2016

Have you ever tries "mind map" or making sentences with the words you learned or practice speaking out with newly learned vocabulary.


Whatever it is, never learn it by heart only which would drag you down the hell.

August 12, 2016

Well,first of all don't be angry on yourself.Just learn in a happy and jubilant mood.

You can try this-as soon as you learn a word,try to link it with physical world or if you love singing then try to insert it in any song you like.And yes please stop cramming words if you do because later it will creat confusion as you go on learning words.

For example,let's take a word---Imbroglio which means an extreamly confused,complicated or embarrassing situation.So instead of cramming its meaning,just try to use it in the situation you are facing,like--you can say, How can I end this imbroglio caused by too many words coming daily in my life?Or It is an imbroglio to study too many words.

Or you can make your own song like-This is an imbraglio,told by my friend Leo:)lol I'm very bad at singing.So try to invent new way of youself and I think you can do it better.

Please correct me if I'm wrong.Thank you:)

July 30, 2016
Dont look at it like chinese, i know it's hard, try to keep the english synonyms in minde (: good luck
July 30, 2016
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