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Partial Direct Object vs. Direct Object Hello all, I am curious as to why genitive sometimes takes the place of accusative as a direct object? Sentences such as "Он сказал мне" and "я выпил воды"? I confused as to why it isn't "сказал меня"? Thanks for any help.
Jul 30, 2016 1:38 AM
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Hello! actually, in first phrase you use Dative "Сказал (кому? чему?) Мне." 

2. "Я выпил воды" - я выпил (кого? чего?) воды - Genitive  ( translate: i drink water/ i have drank)

 "Сказал меня" it`s wrong 

  "Сказал (кто? что?) я" - nomitative ( translate: I said/I have said )  

other  "Сказал (кому? чему?) Мне" - Dative (  translate: he said To me / he told me )

(Кого? чего? кто? что?) - supporting question

it`s different  

July 30, 2016
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