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Ahmed Elemam
Feedbak on a Voice Message or an Essay on July 30

This discussion Includes two things, a voice message and an essay using the induction method.


Regarding the voice message, I need to know:

1) the words that I should check their pronunciations and
2) the sentences that don't make sense.


Regarding the essay, I need correction to the mistakes that I have made.


Note: I don't ask for feedbak on both of them, you can work on either of them.




The Voice Message, The Cash Flow Statement


The Essay

I was an accountant for ABC where I handled Accounts Receivable and Inventory. I, meanwhile, worked at an accounting office where I was an accountant assistant. In addition, I was a developer at a software company where I developed accounting software.

While I was at ABC, I used QuickBooks and Excel sheets in order to manage and check the inventory balances of three branches. Above all, I saved the time of preparing the reports from a week to an hour. For instance, three accountants had to work on adjusting the inventory balances because they couldn't use Excel professionally. I also reduced the risks of the uncollected amounts by creating the reports in time.

While I was at the accounting office, I got the knowledge of taxation and how the financial statements were prepared. Therefore, I could further my professional experience, which I used at ABC by helping my co-workers preparing the ABC's financial statements properly.

While I was at the software company, I developed a software,which manages the balance sheet and income statement's accounts, that was used in companies in many different cities.

Furthermore, I read the Intermediate Accounting book and solved most of the instructions of its manual and studied the CMA units, which helped me mostly to know how to allocate costs. Regarding the language, I prepared for the ILETS and TOEFL exams by doing self-study.

Jul 30, 2016 2:59 AM
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This is feedback on your audio recording.

1. Please provide the written transcript to make the reviewer's job easier.  Use to hear the correct pronunciations of the yellow words.  This is what I heard:

The cash flow statement is one of the main financial statements of the business.  Its report is the uses and sources of cash.  In other words, it lists the major reasons for the change of cash and cash equivalent reported on the balance sheet.  The cash flow statement is needed because the income statement reports the revenue and expenses incurred using the accrual method which are different from the amount of cash, feed (?), and received.  For example, a company might report on its income statement, 3% of a new pendant's cost as a depreciation expense while the company may have paid 100% of the new pendant's cost. 

The statement is organized into three sections:  cash from operating activities, cash from investing activities, and cash from financial activities.  And it can be prepared using two methods:  Indirect and Direct methods.  There's no difference between the two methods in the operating section.  I mean there's a difference between the two methods in the operating section but there's no difference between the two sections-- the investing and financial.  Nearly all corporations prepare the cash flow statement using the indirect method.


July 30, 2016

1- The the amount of cash paid and received.

Thank you for your help, Mr. Lee!

I posted my new voice message with the written transcript. Please, if you will listen to the new voice message, you may listen first to it before reading the written transcript in order to know whether you can understand my speech.

July 31, 2016
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