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Christina Lam
Learning Korean 안녕하세요! I have memorize the alphabet of Korean.... but the problem here is I don't get the sentence structure at all! I also need advice on how to memorize vocabularies and such. Can anyone help me?
Jul 30, 2016 5:32 AM
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Korean is also same as other 'language'.. When u start notice u gotta understand Korean, still there is much more to learn.

Such as dialect, different sentence with people you talking to, etc.

First time while u trying to learn languages, you need to listen them a lot for understanding their context.

I recommend you to see from easy level, such as animation.

Since u understanding 70 to 80 of one story, u probably understand how the sentence working.

For learn it more faster, u can try mimic sentence by sentence(try to follow even tiny accents and facial emotions too!), you will learning Korean naturally as well.

You can start memorizing vocabularies, by ur surroundings. Put some Post-it to ur surrounding materials - cups, dishes, computers, clothes, phones, etc, that you are try to learning.

You probably learn it repeating and uncounscious way.

One more thing you need to catch is 'Kanji', more than half of Korean language made of Kanji.

Hope it is helpful to you!

July 31, 2016

Korean sentence structure is different with english. So you might feel its difficult.

You can start short sentence like 안녕하세요.

Have you ever seen Korean drama or movie? 

It's very helpful to get the basic structure and vocabruary. 

July 30, 2016
Christina Lam
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