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Can you give me some examples, please?

Hi everyone!

I want to know some English phrases more used for navite speakers.

For example:

*By the way

*You know

*No way

Can you give me some examples, please?

Thanks a lot!

Jul 30, 2016 3:39 PM
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By the way I left them on the table. By the way its your turn to go first. By the way it's(some event) on Thursday. By the way Wendy called you just now.

These contexts are usually negative or less friendly depending on the tone of voice. If you want to say it and not be mean speak in a really nice tone or you could be mistaken for being grumpy or angry. I personally don't use this as often. Pay attention to the tone when you hear/say them, it is important to not be mistaken for being angry. 

Same thing with "you know" though not as much its usually more friendly or neutral in all contexts. Just a way of giving or asking about information.

You know its not ok to use your phone in the waiting room. Its kind of like chips without salt, you know?(kind of like asking do you agree or think so). 

You finished already? No way! 

Do you want to walk there? No way.

No way alone is usually a response to emphasize no. If you use it at the beginning or within a sentence its literally means no way. 

There is no way to fix it. There is no way we can bring that on the plane.

I'am not so good at explaining the "rules" of phrases and words I just use them. Examples are very dependent on context.

July 30, 2016

By the way , in British English is used to introduce a new subject to be considered, or to give further information:

well, we know each other more than before, by the way what is your father?

You know, usually is used to ensure that someone is listening carefully

it means you see, you understand

No way, is used to tell someone that something is impossible:

Sorry , there is no way I can help you

also, it is used to say no in a forceful way:

Let me borrow your book. "No way"

July 30, 2016

Some commonly used phrases on the internet are

IMHO in my humble opinion

FYI for your information

ASAP as soon as possible

hope that helps!

July 30, 2016

1. I see   2. I quit   3. Let go  4. Me too.。  5. My god   6. No way   

7. Come on ) 8. Hold on.。  9. I agree   10. Not bad  11. Not yet  12. See you.。  13. Shut up   14. So long.。  

15. Why not?   16. Allow me.。  17. Be quiet  18. Cheer up  19. Good job   20. Have fun  21. How much?22. I'm full.。  23. I'm home 24. I'm lost.。  25. My treat

July 31, 2016
July 30, 2016
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