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Maria Herrera
i would really like to have a conversation with someone that knows well english!!!! anyone?
Jul 31, 2016 3:28 AM
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Hi Maria,

I'm a professional writer, editor and proofreader in the English language, and I would like to speak Spanish like a native.

I live in the Philippines, but I am of Chinese descent and I am most adept in English. I notice that you're from Mexico. Is Mexican Spanish similar to Spanish from Spain? I have been trying to learn Spanish on my own through sites like Duolingo, but I've noticed that, although I can say things like "The cats drink milk but they do not drink water", I cannot find words to express myself in normal conversation. Haha!

That's why I need to have regular conversations with a native speaker. If you would like to be my chat partner on Skype, we can set a time, let's say, two or three times a week, when you can teach me Spanish and I can teach you English. Hope to hear from you!


July 31, 2016

Hi Maria

How are you? I would be happy to help you improve your English through conversations. Have a look at my teaching profile and let me know if you are interested. Thanks.

July 31, 2016
Maria Herrera
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