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Julie Liu
Do You Like Rainy Day ?

This morning, I was going to hang out, but I had a downpour when I got downstairs. About rain, I like rainy days. It brings me cool and refreshing in the summer. I like watching the rain standing by the window. How about you ?

Jul 31, 2016 4:06 AM
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I think the best weather for me when it's rainy. I immediately go outside to get wet. Maybe it sounds strange but I love it. 

And it's great sitting at home when the window is open and when you hear the melody of falling randrops. I just want to wrap myself in the blanket and watch something cool. 

July 31, 2016
Just a little bit, here in Rio the weather is always hot but i still prefer it than rainy days, sometimes when the weather is kinda cold i feel like im living in Alaska lol
July 31, 2016

Of corse, rainy day make me feel lovely inside, i have very emotional attachment with rains. getting wet in rain with friends, playing, dancing and having fun. Wow ....  So Cool

July 31, 2016
this is awonderful  thing .I really want to try this feeling in egypt  as we havent rain in summer
July 31, 2016

Ohhh, love it,especially getting wet in the rain.You don't have to go to a closed room(Bathroom)to take a shower as in fact it is a great feeling taking a shower under clouds and looking up  with great vigour:)

July 31, 2016
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