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English-Russian chat Hello! I am study English and I would like to improve American understanding. I can help with Russian if you need.
Jul 31, 2016 8:29 AM
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Hello Здравствуйте,

I am native English speaker and I am studying Russian. English changes a lot in different situations, English can change a little or a lot depending on who you are communicating with, I like Russian because there are set formal and informal versions of the same phrases (У Вас Дела - как дела). I have no English qualification, I am not the person to answer complex questions about English. I can attempt to answer simple questions, if i don't know i will tell you. I often get into difficult situations in my country by saying exactly what I think good or bad, so any help from you for things to avoid saying in certain situations in Russian would be great too. I am from Scotland in the Uk, my last name is not spelt like it is here in the Uk, but that is what it is supposed to sound like, the way English speakers say Mikhail just with different ending. I have to spell it for other English speakers almost daily, despite being a English language name, the cyrillic "Х" sound just works better. Any ideas for Russian language Tv and Film would be great, I really want to see Битва За Севастополь (ww2 was won on the eastern front by the red army, not Tom Hanks, people in the west don't believe this), any good classics in Russian let me know, there must be many, it is sad that because of 20th century politics that many films and Tv shows on both sides were not seen by the other.

Have a great day.

August 9, 2016

Hey Alla!

Go get an AmE Teacher herer and enjoy)

July 31, 2016
Hello! I am study English and I would like to improve American understanding. I can help with arabic if you need.

July 31, 2016
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