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What do you think of loyalty (to real friends, to life companion, and to motherland)?

My views:

1) Loyalty to real friends

I think loyalty to real friends is not to mean that you should defend him or her when he or she does wrongly. I read something before which implied that a true friend speaks good words of you in public, and he points out your shortcomings face to face justly on private occasions.

2) Loyalty to life companion

I think that it is for the reason that I demand loyalty so that I can not find a life companion to some extend (of course there are some other important reasons honestly speaking), so I have to be a celibate. And it is really a black humor for me.

I have been finding now and then that some men indulge in sophistry frivolously that:

1. It is normal for men to be unfaithful, and he still loves his wife but she should be kind of tolerant with his behavior....

2. It must be for the reason that she is a hellcat so her husband is unfaithful...

3. What's wrong with her that she made her husband's scandals public? Women are just women and they are shortsighted...

4. Women should marry when they are young or they will regret...


Some males with androcentrism like shy females and they think a famale having a level of insecurity is "fascinating", whereas this kind of insecurity is generated by males themselves...

Certainly if a couple find life companions are not suitable for each other, they can decide themselves then. Personally I mean here one needs to be loyalty in a relationship.

But it is much easier for women who do not marry or are abandoned to be disdained. 

And some women suffered unfortunate marriages or love affairs but they tend to hate other females only who they consider as seducing their husbands (what about their husbands then?); some of them may sometimes show nagative attitudes towards other females' matrimonies or amours by saying something like "all these romantics may be fake and you should take care..."... Besides they like reading books or watching movies etc. about intrigues... Another dark humor is that their warnings (also a kind of complaints originating from their tragedies) may not be just satires or envies but what they said can be just right.

(No wonder that nobody likes me ahaha...)


3) Loyalty to motherland

it is a fundamental moral fortitude. But the topic is also a little heavy and complex.

What about you?

Jul 31, 2016 9:16 AM
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