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Katka V.
Daily text - Challenge

Hi folks! I`ve come up with a challenge for this August. Feel free to join my challenge! :)
For this I prepaired 31 headlines => list 1;  and 31 types of writing => list 2 (referred to as "styles"); (one for each day) to write about in the following month.
How it works:
Choose one headline and one style every day and write a matching notebook-entry in your target language. (and hopefully get corrected.)
To show, that your notebook entry is part of the challenge, use those abbreviations in the title:
DTC/{numer of headline}.{number of style}/headline
E.G:  if I want to write a dialouge about two old ladies in the disco, I use this topic: DTC/01.02/old ladies in a disco
(DTC = daily text challenge)


I hope some of you may join in and we have a productive august! :)
Let me know, if you like this idea and if you want to participate!

NOTE: If you do not feel comfortable with choosing from both categories, at least take one of them and add "00" for the other in your title. 

You can either do the same one every day or a couple of days or - for the most challenging way - choose different every day.


list 1: headlines:
01 old ladies in a disco
02 raindrops
03 laundry-day                                            
04 an elefant goes shopping
05 the ladybug and the dog
06 new toy
07 helping Amy
08 meeting in the park
09 open your eyes
10 cheating
11 bath in the moonlight
12 red fingertips
13 less than 50 seconds
14 the lost coin
15 a mouse in the house
16 firefighters at the mall
17 painting
18 the golden ring
19 a bird´s nest
20 seven
21 at the parking lot
22 What I found in the attic
23 a bucket of water
24 fireflies in a jar
25 a wish comes true
26 on the road
27 thunderstorm
28 grannies secret
29 candlelight
30 new vacuum-cleaner
31 busy bee

list 2:
01 newspaper article
02 dialouge
03 court hearing
04 commercial
05 summery of a book/movie...
06 email to a friend
07 instruction/recipe/manual
08 songtext (to an existing song?)
09 breaking news on TV
10 joke
11 fairytale
12 advice to someone
13 interview
14 poem
15 crime-sceen-report
16 prayer
17 live report about a sports event
18 speech
19 description of a picture
20 haiku (Poem with 3 lines and special number of syllabus)
21 academical article
22 screenplay to a movie/play
23 vow
24 review to a movie/book...
25 to-do-list
26 short story
27 walkthrough a computer-game
28 formal letter to a company
29 satire
30 diary-entry
31 insert to a magazine/newspaper

Jul 31, 2016 9:42 AM
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Hi! That`s great!

I have not spoken to teachers yet, but I guess, there are always folks around helping each other, right?
I`m quite confident in this. :)

July 31, 2016

Thank you so much for this challenge, Katka! I admire your persistence (and your Slovak skills! I kind of understand your texts, as the language is quite similar to Polish.... or seems to be! ;)). I joined late and didn't manage to write a text each and every day, but Imanaged to get 10 done (in 2 weeks), which I am amazed at hahahah so thank youuu! Danke! ^_^

Here's my last post... a court hearing (in Spanish):

August 31, 2016

Thank you all so much for participating and cheering me up along the way!

I will take the next month as well and here is the new discussion-thread for it:

I hope you will join in again!

And thanks to SINA I wll add a weekly challenge as well. It is going to be a weekly reading challenge. (WRC) Watch out for the discussion-thread as well! :)

August 31, 2016

hi Sina!

Great you found the time to do another text :)

August 26, 2016
I like your idea and I will write a notebook taking advantage of your "topics" and "styles". Thank you so much for this brilliant thought!

I just wanted to remind people of the importance of making corrections. I have come across to many Spanish students who keeps writing notebooks but never correct notebooks in the first language (whatever it is). This is not an isolate case, it appears to be the common way among Spanish students (you can check yourself in the Spanish notebooks). If we all want this website work (and ideas as brilliant as this one!) we must all contribute not by writing but correcting as well.
August 15, 2016
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