I've started teaching Japanese in English, but...
I've started teaching Japanese for a Vietnamese friend using English from yesterday. But my English is broken and self-taught. And my friend seems not to be a good English speaker, too. So my italki friends, please check and correct our mistakes from now on. And if you please, study Japanese from zero with us.


《i don't know it right or wrong? i write it by myself》← Vietnamese friend. And so forth.

Great! Have you already learned how to use Japanese keyboards? Good job!
From now, I will teach you Japanese characters little by little.


The first characters you must remember are
If you remember these five, you've already know all Japanese vowels.

These characters came from Chinese 安、以、宇、衣、於。I heard that the Vietnamese used Chinese characters from long ago, too. If you know Chinese characters, learning Japanese becomes easier. 

《no i don't know Chinese》

Ah, it's a pity.
In Japan, Chinese characters are called "Kanji(漢字)". Please remember this word.

If you memorize あいうえお, you can say...





up side


《What do the last words mean?(*)》
《No in (*)》
That is Kanji (Chinese characters).
《Oh it means love too?》
Yes. it is written 愛 , and read あい.
So if you want to read Japanese text, you must learn Kanji someday.
《OK.But kanji is more difficult than hiragana》
Yes. You need some effort. Doesn't old people in Vietnam doesn't know Kanji, too? 
《some people know. but their eyes aren't good to see clearly. so they can't write it》
Ah, so old people. Ok, I see. I'll try to teach you Kanji, too. From tomorrow, little by little.

Can you read this?

一二三...are number characters.
Each Chinese character has one meaning. So you can memorize in this way...

一 one
二 two
三 three
四 four
十 ten

You don't have to worry about what sound every Kanji has. Just memorize Kanji's meaning.

Historically, Kanji has been used in four countries : China, Korea, Vietnam, Japan.
《Ya but now in my country doesn't use Kanji》
In these countries, Kanji words usually have similar sounds. I don't know Vietnamese words at all, but you must have similar Kanji words to Japanese. For example, do you know Nguyễn Ái Quốc ?
His Kanji name is 阮愛國.
《Ya of course i know》
愛=あい。It's the same! In Vietnam, Ai means love, too?
《Ya but young people don't use that word usually. They often say あい=yêu》
OK. I've learned from you, too.

Finally, the Japanese language has three character sets. Hiragana, Kanji and Katakana. Hiragana and Katakana represent sounds. And Kanji represents the word's meaning.

If you write down あいうえお in Katakana, It comes アイウエオ.

The difference between Hiragana and Katakana is mentioned in this link.

That's all for today!

Jul 31, 2016 9:54 AM
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あなたのLessonはとてもおもしろいLessonですね!。どうも ありがとうございました。


August 5, 2016
A Japanese person using English to teach a Vietnamese person Japanese is an interesting challenge you've given yourself there. Whilst the English is kinda broken it's still understandable so I think you're doing good so far. I'm learning Japanese too but, more intermediate level. It's fun to follow your mini lessons though! ^^ 
August 2, 2016
Maybe in future you can try to teach in an interesting way? ^-^ 
August 2, 2016
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