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Goodbye, italki classic site! It's been fun

Since I'm still unable to navigate with the new site ease and with a modicum of speed, I thought I would post one last discussion post. Good luck italki.

2016年7月31日 10:59
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Thank you for your comments and discussions that have pointed out the deficiencies in the new website design and functionality.

Depsite the many, many constructive comments from italki users, it appears that our concerns and warnings have fallen on deaf ears.

It appears to me that italki's decision-makers believe that design trumps functionality.

Change is good, but changing colour schemes and re-posting photos in circular frames, as opposed to square frames, does nothing to improve the website.


I strongly recommend that italki not discard or delete the classic website's code because italki may wish to return to the older website if the problematic functionality of the new website proves to drive users away, as so many of us have warned.

The record and  the number of the lessons taken by a student or given by a teacher will be lost. It's unacceptable for me and I think it is also unfair concerning the teachers on italki. 

Richard, thank you for your comments. I know you can not predict the unpredictable, but as a italki "professinal" instructor, what type of problems does the new site present for you and your peers?


Hello. I share your feelings. I also say : " Good bye classic italki"


I agree with you. I've never used the new version for more than five minutes lol. To be honest, I have nothing against it, even though it's a little ugly and old fashioned, we can get used to the new colors and design. But there is only one thing that I don't like, no, that I really hate. You can't know how many lessons a student had with a teacher. Because the lesson only appears if the teacher or the student comment something. So, I can't know how many lessons a teacher had with each student. So it's harder to know whether the teacher is good or not because of it.

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