SmAll AdventUres In My LaSt SenIor YeaR

  Don't blame me about my capital letters. I just think it unfair that only the first letters can be capital letters.(never mind I'm a naughty teenager)

  I'm really tired of high school life here..Everyone works very hard only in order to get more scores, which may be the only origin of happiness in their opinion. I'm always an exception, so I decided to start my adventures during my last year, including running around the school while changing clothes, hiding someone's B day gift while leaving clues, leaving a paper smeared with super glue on someone's desk and so on. It may sounds silly but I just want to make my last senior year more meaningful.

   But I don't know if I am doing right. What's your opinion?

Jul 31, 2016 2:31 PM
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At least you're not doing drugs and getting pregnant like naughty (rebelious) highschool girls sometimes do in the US.

July 31, 2016


I've never thought about doing that lol

July 31, 2016
You read some John Green book huhu ?
July 31, 2016
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