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Bárbara 益バルバラ
The most effective way to find matching interests language partners


I tried to gather language partners by searching for users who said in their profiles that are learning my native tongue, but sometimes it's not actually their focus at the moment.

So I realized that doing some reverse searching I could find people who's really interested in learning my own language now, and maybe that's the key to find a good partner: when you two can help each other equally.

Instead of searching for users that wanna learn your own language, search for teachers of your native tongue. It's something we don't do very often because we don't need them, right? We tend to search for teachers of the languages we're learning, and don't bother looking for our own language teachers on italki.

After you find some teachers, look in their profiles for student's comments of the last classes they did and voilà*! You'll be able to find people really interested on learning, since they paid for classes in the last month or week. The point is there's a real chance they wanna become language partners, so it's up to you to send them a message and ask what they think about it.

I think that could be a good method to contact people who are really committed to learning and nothing else. What do you think?

*IDK if a native speaker would say the French word "voilà", but we do that in Portuguese-BR! Lol! Let me know in the comments below...

**Feel free to correct my mistakes, I'm still leaning English. ;-)

Jul 31, 2016 6:02 PM
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I do not consider language exchange can really work well in the reality as language learning is a highly concentration process of brainstorm which is hardly to achieve the goal just by casual chatting or talking. Accordingly, in my view, teachers plus organized teaching materials are the most effective method of mastering a language if you wish to master a language in a short time.  I have joined a couple of language practice group online to polish my target language, only to notice 90 % of members are not even a moderate langugage learners at all, and only 1 % of the members would have same period of time to practice with you for few times (mostly few than 3 times). Basically speaking, that is none other than a game, a party of chatting to put a couple of people who have "dreams" altogether, yet as for the efficiency, there is nothing worthy to say and it is by no means a good method to master a language.

August 2, 2016

Mmmh, for me it's checking the feed of the language you want to learn (or your own's) and then contact users who either publish exercises and say they look for  partners in their profiles, or they publish directly a request for partners,

but your method has a good premise.

August 1, 2016

When I started using Italki, I said on my profile that I wanted to help with Portuguese. However very few people sent me messages. Now I say that I can help with English, French and Spanish because more people are learning these languages. If I only helped with Portuguese, I would have no languages partners. As you lived in Japan, maybe you can help with Japanese as well, I don't know.

August 1, 2016

Yes@Barbara,you've come up with a nice idea.I'm also learning English to mainly improve my fluency in speaking as it is hard to achieve fluency(speaking) in the  language we are learning and it is because for the accent, pronunciation,  fear for being wrong and other factors...

A teacher can teach every grammar points and technique to get a good grip on the language but that doesn't mean one can be fluent at speaking.SO to become fluent in speaking,we should practice with  friends as it is more comfortable and  the process is faster as we are more friendly with them.

Yesterday, I was watching a video on youtube on how to become fluent in English.And the person  said;"Don't polish your language and then practice but practice to polish your language".So I think that is the best method to be fluent in any language.But for that we need friends or partners to practice with and I think for me it's very hard to find one:)

But still I'm learning with a positive attitude,let's see where I'm going:):)

But your idea is nice:)

Please correct me if I'm wrong.Thank you:) 

August 5, 2016


I used to do so, but I'm still waiting for someone to contact me at Skype after they added me there, you know... I don't wanna look like I'm begging for some native to talk with me as I needed it desperately, since they "wanna" learn my own language too, so if they don't show any commitment on achiving their goals, it's not me who'll force them to do it.

I liked the way you're profile is written, so there's no misunderstandings on what's your method and how do you like to do the language exchange thing. Maybe I could make it clear like you do in the future too...

August 5, 2016
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