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Jonathan Gonzalez
I hate the autocorrect... I don't know if any one have the same "problem".... But if I'm writing by my cellphone the autocorrect is so useful, but when I'm writing in my laptop I cant remember the exacty form to write some words. I don't know if help or not a lot technology. What do you think? 
Jul 31, 2016 11:34 PM
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I hate the autocorrect for a different reason.  It is okay when I am writing on my phone in my native language of English.  However, even though I added Spanish as a language and the space bar actually says ¨español¨ it continuously does not recognize Spanish words and tries to change even the simplest Spanish words to English ones.  Writing in Spanish is too frustrating to even attempt when my autocorrect is on.  I feel like I would need a completely separate phone if I wanted to use things like Whatsapp and Skype on my phone. 
August 1, 2016
I never use auto correction. First thing I turn off on a phone or computer. If I'm writing a long text that I want to be free of errors, I run it through auto correct after the fact, but while composing a text I think that it is just distracting me. And especially while using my native language with close friends I use so many words and expressions that are non-standard that an auto correction mostly just introduces more errors. Also I like to think that this behavior of not using it makes me less reliant on it and that I'm still able to write texts without any glaring errors when I can't use an auto correction tool.
July 31, 2016
Jonathan Gonzalez
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