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Record my high school's life in grade 3

Hi everyone, I'm a senior 3 student in Guangzhou China. I am going to write something about my life in senior 3, for one thing, I can improve my English, for another thing, I can record the time of GaoKao, which is one of the most precious memories in my life.

Ok, it is the first day in senior 3, as what I thought , I feel much more depressed than before. I know it's the hardest time in high school, many exams many lessons and much homework to do. We had many double lessons : Chinese math English geography history and so on. Everyone,has prepared many exam papers and books, who looks more hardworking. It was this atmosphere that shocked me a little. Even though It amazes me , I think it's a good way to inspire myself to study hard.

To be honest, once I think I have to sleep late and get up early for study, I feel sad...

Anyway I have to face it and I think I can do a good job : D 

Btw, I don't need to go to school tomorrow, which makes me consider a good news, because of the typhoon is coming. Ok that's all about today. In the end, I hope everyone is happy everyday!

Aug 1, 2016 9:41 AM
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   hey   guys.

    what is GAOKAO ?????

   when you gradeuate you will fell high school is very good.Although high school life very hard ,but it is very happy,because you have your friend,or maybe girl can with you friend go to school together

August 1, 2016

GaoKao is the high school final exam which will decide u to go the key university or ordinary college. 

And I know high school life is wonderful and unforgettable so I decide to record it everyday:D , anyway thanks for ur comment

August 1, 2016
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