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How to learn Chinese?

Hi. I started learning Chinese a few days ago, and now I'm wondering:

1)Do you know any sites for that? It would be cool , if that sites use pinyin(cool thing for English speakers, helps a lot, I think). ( Like as for English )

2) In what way I can only improve my speaking and listening ( I don't need to know how to write and read in Chinese )

2016년 8월 1일 오후 8:06
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2)Find a Chinese girlfriend

2016년 8월 4일
If you wannna learn it to a competent level, then you need to have the balance between reading, writing, listening and speaking.
2016년 8월 1일
you can watch chinese TV series with english subtitles,and you can also listen to chinese music.
2016년 8월 2일
A really easy advice,To make a Chinese friends.
2016년 8월 2일
Chinesr here, I can help you with that!And I also long to improve my English spoken skills.Can we add as friends and help each other then.?
2016년 8월 3일
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