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Bernardo perez
Learning english Hi every one i am learning english, i want to improve my english, because i can understand almost every thing i read, but i have dificulties to write and speak, i am trying to read more, but i have problem to remember how write correctly, about wich word write before and wich after. What i can do?
Aug 2, 2016 12:07 AM
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Tengo exactamente los mismos problemas aprendiendo español, precisamente. Creo que es una etapa normal. Creo que la verdad dura es que es mucho para aprender cuando una persona tratar aprender un idioma. Un idioma es una cosa grande. No tengo una solución fácil. Mi progreso es lento, pero, sin embargo, hago progreso... lentamente.

I have exactly the same problems learning Spanish, exactly. I think it's a normal stage. I think the hard truth is that there's much to learn when you learn a language. A language is a big thing. I don't have an easy solution. My progress is slow, but, nevertheless, I make progress... slowly.

August 2, 2016
Bernardo perez
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