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Learning Article : How To Say It Right: 'To Bring' And 'To Take' In French

Discuss the Article : How To Say It Right: 'To Bring' And 'To Take' In French

How To Say It Right: 'To Bring' And 'To Take' In French

You might have already found that in French, expressing the ideas of 'to bring' and 'to take' is not an easy task. Learn here how to solve this problem in a simple way.

Aug 2, 2016 12:00 AM
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"Amener, as we will see, is only used for objects."...

Not sure if you've confused yourself here as you then go on to explain its used for people.

August 4, 2016

Sorry to spoil the fun, but all the verbs with -mener can be used with objects (not all objects, of course)
Let's take a car. Can you carry it ? No.
So, people logically will say: J'emmène ma voiture au garage (and not "j'emporte ma voiture au garage"). That logic works with all heavy or voluminous objects you can't carry easily.

Je rapporte les livres à la bibliothèque. Je ramène les livres à la bibliothèque. Both are correct: see point 4 and 5 of the definition of "ramener" in the Larousse online dictionary. Books are objects, but you can nonetheless use a -mener verb.
The tentative of generalisation is interesting, but learners must take that article with caution, all is not correct in it.

August 8, 2016

An interesting article, but I had the same thought as Rob. The following doesn't make sense:


Je dois l’amener à l’aéroport (incorrect).

The example above represents a typical sentence that it incorrect. Amener, as we will see, is only used for objects. You then go on to give examples with 'amener' being used for people, as in 'J'ai amene un ami pour passer le week-end chez moi. I brought a friend who will spend the weekend at my house (person).'


Did you mean to say that Je dois l’apporter à l’aéroport was incorrect? And that 'Apporter, as we will see, is only used for objects.' ?


If so, this is a major error. The problem seems to be that whoever regulates these things on italki checks the English, but not the target language.


August 4, 2016
I am sorry, but I totally agree with Su.Ki , this article is rather poor and contains several major mistakes and hasty generalizations, not to mention the horrible "last example" ...I am afraid it will only confuse unsuspecting learners.  I am perplexed when i see that the author is a "professional french teacher" ... 
August 5, 2016


Great explaination. Except "amener" Which is use only for "a person", all this article is valuable. indeed, "amener" and "emmener"  are used for people and "apporter"and "emporter" for object.

I think this article will help many people.

Keep doing this such of article

August 4, 2016
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