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Ahmed Elemam
FB of August 2 ( VC-Bank Reconciliations, and E-Dealing with a Conflict )

This discussion includes two things:

1) a voice message with its written transcript

2) and an essay using the induction method


Note: You may give me feedback on either the voice message or the essay. You don't need to work on both of them if you don't have enough time.


Regarding the voice message:

First and formost, you may listen to the voice message before reading the written transcript.

I need to know the words that I should check their pronunciations and to know the sentences that don't make sense.


Regarding the essay, I need correction to the mistakes that I have made.



The Voice Message, Bank Reconciliations


The Transcript:

A bank reconciliation is a process performed by a company to ensure that the company's records are correct and that the bank's records are also correct. a deposit in transit has an effect a bank reconciliation. For example, if a company received money on the closing date of the bank statement and properly recorded the amount in its records. The money could be deposited into the bank too lat and would appear on the next bank statement. Therefore, bank reconciliations help to protect cash through uncovering irregularities such as unauthorized bank withdrawals and it is also associated with a company's internal controls over cash. Due to this, it is necessary to segregate the duties of persons who are responsible for accounting transactions and those who are responsible for preparing and monitoring bank reconciliation statements.


The Essay, Dealing with a Conflict

I held an accountant position in a company, which was considered one of the leaders in advertising in my city. It had three activities, importing, manufacturing and advertising. On the first day of my occupation there, my supervisor told me that all the hard and soft documents of the the current fiscal year had been lost and he wanted me to take the responsibilities for the advertising division. The biggest problems were the balances of Receivable Accounts, Payable Accounts, and Inventory Accounts. The deadline to collect the data required and to set opening balances based on estimations and historical data of the prior fiscal year was two months. I managed to finish that task before the deadline and, based on this, I was appointed as the accountant of the advertising division.

I had a conflict with my supervisor regarding to the inventory balances of one of the three branches that I was inspecting. I had convincing evidence that the accountant of that branch didn't keep a record properly, which unintentionally provided inaccurate balances. Hence, I informed my supervisor but he didn't take any appropriate action. Due to this, the conflict escalated that I informed the manager of the main branch, where I was working. That time every thing I reported was proved right.

Aug 2, 2016 4:31 AM
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