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Dead capital.

Hello italki people,

Today I want to talk about dead capital. Many people like to keep in their home, in their life different things. It does not matter these things are expencive or cheap. Even they do not use them over the years. That's true we can keep some things for beauty.

Now I want to know your opinions. What is dead capital for you? And do people in your country like to keep dead capital?

Aug 2, 2016 6:14 AM
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Hi! After finding out what you meant by 'dead capital' (:D) I have to say that everything in my life has a purpose and adds value to me. I recently got rid of all the junk which surrounded me, including 5 bags of clothes, useless decorations (a.k.a. dust traps) and tons of things I bought and had never used since.

And I must admit that I do feel better with every useless thing I get rid of. 

August 2, 2016

I think I understand your term 'dead capital'.
dead (in this case) means: unproductive; inactive; unchanging
capital (in this case) means:
- the wealth, whether in money or property, owned in a business or by an individual.
- any form of wealth used to produce more wealth, e.g., interest, investments, etc.
- an asset (something that has a financial value)

The term 'dead capital' looks like a literal translation, and I have never heard this term used in English.
Nonetheless, with your explanation, I think 'dead capital' means the things that people collect over their lifetime, and these things may have no financial value, a small financial value, or a great financial value. They may have sentimental value though.

I think everyone collects/accumulates/caches/acquires/stockpiles things that they may never need or use.
When people look at all the things they have amassed (collected), they often throw out a lot of things because they have no value, they may never be used again, and the things are just taking up storage space.


There is even a mental condition called "hoarding".
Hoarding disorder is a persistent difficulty discarding possessions because of a perceived need to save them. People with a hoarding disorder often don't see it as a problem.


So, dead capital may be a reasonable term to describe the things that people have saved, regardless of whether those things have any value.
I think that everyone, or almost everyone, owns and keeps some 'dead capital'.


Want to see what an extreme hoarder's house looks like?

Good topic Leyla...

August 2, 2016

"Dead capital" is not a term I have ever heard before.  Before I checked, I guessed that it mean assets which are not easily realised. Looking it up, I discovered it is a specialist term in economics, coined by a Peruvian economist.  

I am not sure exactly what you mean by dead capital but it may not be the same thing.  Can you give me some examples of what you mean by "dead capital"?  We may be able to find a better everyday word for this type of thing.

August 2, 2016


Thank you for your comment. I think you can understand me more than others:) Because I translated " dead capital" from Russian. I agree with all your words. And it is a right words : habits from parents:) 

Actually I read somewhere that if you do not use something during a year, give it to another person or get rid of it.

August 3, 2016
Hello Leila! This is a very interesting question, thank you for such a topic. I think I understand what you mean by "dead capital".
In Russia, it is very special and a very hot topic. Many people especially the older generation have habit to store unnecessary things no matter how much it costs.
These things crammed balconies, garages and storerooms of many people. Most likely these things will never bring profit their owners.
This stuff will lie down and will covere with dust for many years, but the owners will never get rid of them.
I think partly this habit left over from the Soviet Union.
Early it the USSR was often deficit of products and goods, and people were afraid to rid of anything and always trying to save all.
And suddenly come in handy - these people say to themselves :)
Once upon a time I too had such habit from my parents. But with age I get rid of storage mania. And now for me a real pleasure - to get rid of unnecessary things.
In Russia, for this phenomenon are used concepts: пожитки, добро, скарб, хлам (pozhitki , dobro , skarb , khlam).
August 3, 2016
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