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Frank Zhan
looking for my old friend About 2 years ago,when i was a college student,i have a friend from USA.He is a overseas student in our university.We spend many interesting time that can't forget until now.     When he leave from CHINA to come back US,he give me a e-mail address in google.but i can't use it to connect with he until now.     i'm looking forward to contact with he, have any other way?      i need your help!
Aug 2, 2016 9:08 AM
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Maybe you should write which university did he study in and what year, maybe there are some 留学生 here who can know him and have other 联系方式
August 2, 2016
用他的名字 在脸书上找找 怎么样?  去学校查查资料我觉得行。
August 2, 2016
thanks you very much.    i know what should i do.
August 3, 2016
Frank Zhan
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