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farah reslane
Looking for someone to improve my english, I can help with your hebrew or arabic
2016년 8월 2일 오후 3:25
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so i am lebanease, living in israel , speaking hebrew and arabic. 

i applied for phd position at laval university in canada, and i have an interview on september with the mentor on skype.

i don't khown what to do and how to communicate with that prof. with him the interview supposed to be ...i think that my english is very bad i  have a lot of mistakes. 

2016년 8월 4일
I am a native of the US (native English) and I am learning Mandarin Chinese but I am interested in learning about all cultures, politics, and religions. Farah, can you tell us a little about yourself? About where you come from and your culture?
2016년 8월 2일
Hello! I'm an advanced English speaker (almost native). I need someone to practice Hebrew with, so we could help each other
2016년 8월 2일
My english is not so good, but we can try to improve together!
2016년 8월 2일
farah reslane
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