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Furqan A.
Would a person make a progress in learning a language following this "technique" for one day?!

Hi everbody! I hope you're doing great

I wonder if a person could make a notable progress in  learning a foreign language if this person COMPLETELY isolated themselves for a day with this language. By  complete isolation I mean ZERO(which, I think, possible) exposure to ANY other language and  very INTENSIVE EXPOSURE to the target language over a period of a WHOLE day. If not, can they over a one week period?

And, if you guys have experience with this, feel free to share in this thread!

2016년 8월 2일 오후 9:02
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You might want to look up something called a dose-response curve. It occurs in biological systems.

It follows a s type curve. Initially, you won't get much improvement, then as each day progresses, the rate of improvement will increase. As you get really proficient, then the rate of improvement will decrease.

Whether this is proven for second language learning is another matter. 

2016년 8월 5일
Of course you did it learning Arabic, right?
2016년 8월 3일

It's called immersion.

If it doesn't work, then what would?

2016년 8월 3일
Doubt it
2016년 8월 6일

@K P, KeiliA

I thank you for your replies. That what I wanted to know.

@KeiliA : Yes I know this guy. He's called Penny something:)

2016년 8월 4일
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