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What are the longest German words in history <p>There is one word that is about beef labeling: (63 letters) rindfleischetikettierungsüberwachungsaufgabenübertragungsgesetz (law for the delegation of monitoring beef labelling). What are some other ridiculously long German words that you know?</p>
Aug 3, 2016 4:18 AM
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<p>A famous example with 79 letters (resp- 80) which is also listed in the Guinness book of records:</p><p>Donau­dampf­schiffahrts­elektrizitäten­haupt­betriebs­werk­bau­unter­beamten­gesellschaft</p><p>There is, however, no verification that this cooperation has ever existed.</p><p>Another long word with 67 characters which was officially used:</p><p>Grundstücks­verkehrs­genehmigungs­zuständigkeits­übertragungs­verordnung</p><p>Source:</p><p></p><p>
August 3, 2016
Princess Idalia
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