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How to ship a cellphone from China to another country? Hello,

I'd like to get some information for shipping a cellphone from China to other countries such as Saudi Arabia. How much time and cost does it take. Your valuable responses are so appreciated.

2016年8月3日 11:19
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As to unpleasant experiences, it was not a phone:)

My friend ordered sticks (or tubes) of coloured glass for 2000 Euros. As you may imagine, A LOT of coloured glass tubes. Don't ask me why:)

THen he received a message from... Lithuanian customs. THey said him, his package is there, on he must pay 200 Euro for each single day they are stored at Lithuanian customs.
THey arrived there... from Rotterdam.

He got angry and contacted Chinese seller. The Chinese seller said "Er... we thought Moscow is a sea port! Is not it?" and also said they are happy to offer dicount now, 120$, which may make him feel a bit less angry. He got even angrier:/

For the next few months he kept asking his friends of possible methods of waging war against China... But I think, first he must do something about Britain. It was even worse with Britain.



Masy, everybody in Russia orders stuff from China today.
"...Launched in 2010, is an online retail service made up of mostly small Chinese businesses offering products to international online buyers. It is the most visited e-commerce website in Russia. ..."

They mostly ship for free. So it is like some girl is browsing their site, notices a funny belt for $2, presses a button and it goes to Russia for $2. Then she would buy a phone for $40 etc.

Then a month later she would go to the post-office, take the belt, the phone and lot of other stuff she has ordered within a couple of days, then she finds that the phone has a wrong version of Blue Tooth (which she could learn before purchasing it... but was too lazy and never expected problem here). So she sells it for the same price on a Russian site. Beside clothes and electronics my friends order a lot of tea from there:)
And some more exotic things, like go (aka weiqi) stones. Form there, from ebay and anywhere.

My advice here is: read reviews. Not tjsut technical characteristic, but good rewievs. buyers comments etc. I mean, don't chose a 'random' phone just for its price. China as such worth try, worth travel and worth everything (e.g. doing business), just don't expect a good quality from everything:)


Thank you so much.

I asked few companies, they told me that shipping to Saudi Arabia is difficult. I don't know why!

I'd like a recommended shipping companies to ship cell phones to Saudi Arabia.

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