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Have you watchede a talk show? Well, I have to say the "The tonight of jimmy Fallon  "in USA is quite amazing. And this is because I always have a BIG laugh with it.So ,do you also a big fan of talk show? Can you use some idioms to describe this topic?
Aug 3, 2016 3:11 PM
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I have heard people ask ¨Are you a late night T.V. junkie?¨.  That expression is heard occasionally, but is not a super common expression. 

If you are a late night T.V. junkie, you would probably also like these shows that are Jimmy Fallon´s competition.  My own favorite is 

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.  You can search for any of these titles on YouTube and likely find some funny shows.

Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Jimmy Kimmel Live

Late Night with Seth Myers


Late Late Show with James Corden

Last Call with Carson Daly 
August 4, 2016
I like the Daily show with john stewart and I know trevor Noah when he was a comedian , and I'm happy to watch trevor on the daily show Now. But still John was amazing ... I think it's the experience !! 
August 31, 2016
Thanks for your advice,Susan.And I‘ll follow your recommendation.
August 31, 2016
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