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Different types of people There are words in my mother language describing two types of people: owls and larks. We name people who like to get up early in the morning - larks. And people who prefer to sleep long hours in the morning and keep activity in the late evening are named as owl. Who are you - owl or lark ? Is there the same definition of such people in your own language ?
Aug 3, 2016 10:38 PM
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In UK-English, yes we have the same thing - people who prefer to rise early can be said to be "up with the lark", people who prefer to party into the night are referred to as "night owls"

As an aside...we also have people who prefer to rise late that can be said to be "lazy buggers",  but i wouldn't count that as particularly important - amusing, possibly, but not important

I'm an "owl".. I prefer to be active in the night time

August 3, 2016

In American English, we often refer to people as night owls or early birds (or early risers). All these expressions are reasonably positive in connotation, although we do say "the early bird gets the worm," and "early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise."

Note that the idiomatic expression “on a lark” has an entirely unrelated meaning:

August 3, 2016
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