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Help: About the Language Center in New York~

Dear all,

I m looking for an English Language Center with high quality education but not too expensive in New York. It's better base in Manhattan so I can understand American culture better.

I ve gotten some infomation online.

1. Zoni was recommended by one of my friend back from New York. it has flexible schedule and good location, and not charge too much. But others says there are too much Asians, kinda like Xindongfang in China, no big meaning for english studying.

2. Columbia and NYU are not in my consideration because of high tuition fee. Maybe ELS attached to some universities like HUNTER COLLEGE is better?

3. Some net friends mentioned MACS(Metropolitan Art Center & Services), since less Chinese and also offer some opportunity of internship. The problem is very poor comments can be found except this official site

It will be highly appreciated if anyone can give me a suggestion or further information, thanks in advance!



Aug 4, 2016 10:37 AM
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Chloe, hello!

I live in the New York City metro area and I am familiar with Zoni. They advertise extensively and they have learning centers in Manhattan and Queens as well. Zoni is an all exclusive ESL learning center and I have not heard of any complaints about their service. Yes, you are correct in your assumption that other nationalities from every corner of the world enroll. 

你说得对!NYU 太贵了!!但是我建议你检查 Baruch 大学 (曼哈顿, 二十三街)。在 Baruch大学课程很便宜!

我知道MACS 但是我知道学生不满意!

我觉得你应该联系Baruch 大学。祝你幸运!

(PS: 我是美国黑人)

August 4, 2016

Chole, unfortunately, I have no experience with TOEFl, but I am aware that Baruch which is a branch of the CUNY (City University of New York) is one of the better 2nd tier colleges in NYC . Here's a description of the TOEFL Prep cours:

This course is designed to help students build the skills and strategies needed to succeed on the iBT TOEFL exam. Special emphasis is placed on the independent and integrated tasks of the TOEFL, including reading, listening, writing, and speaking....  An ESL Placement Test score is required for all new students registering for this course. If you have not taken ESL classes or a Placement Test with CAPS in the past year, register for the test by calling 646-312-5000 or emailing

ESL050001 - $580.00
Instructor: Staff, Baruch
20 Sessions 11:30:00 AM - 1:30:00 PM


August 6, 2016

Thanks very much Barry!!  Your writing Chinese is really good:)

So as in all things, Baruch is a better choice than Zoni ? Actually my preference is placed on studying English in a college as well.

Besides, I also heard about Queens College.

Now the thing for me is that I dont have the TOEFL score yet and probably I wont have enough time to prepare it in China, do you think it will be a big problem? 




August 4, 2016
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