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Confused / Stuck Self Studying Japanese
I have a goal to study the Japanese language up to the point of fluency in terms of everyday life in Japan.

I have tried to self study Japanese for a few months but I feel like I am now advancing at a very slow pace. Using various beginner books from the Hai! Series which are more designed for classroom environments.

I have been listening to these audio CD foundation Japanese courses that I found on YouTube. I find them to have easy and clear explanations to understand basic beginner level grammar and sentence structure, although it still confuses me time to time.
I am pretty confident with reading Hiragana , not so much Katakana as its just weird to me at this stage.
As for Kanji I have attempted changing some Hiragana in to their Kanji and that has been fun.
I have been listening to the spoken Japanese and then writing it in to a Japanese text editor to test my listening skills. I should be writing them down physically but electronic version is just less time consuming, though I can change that if it will greatly help me in the long run.
I will provide some examples of my progress so far.

I speak English but I speak in Japanese with Mr Tanaka

I speak Japanese but with my friends I speak English

I drank wine while I watched the tv

I have spent countless hours researching many different ways of learning Japanese trying to find what is the best way for me to learn such as immersion, beginner books, listening to Japanese music, Anki flashcards ,mobile apps etc.

I have heard that Genki is a popular book to use for self study however they are expensive in my country and I looked for other alternatives such as a book called Elementary Japanese Vol 1 by Yoko Hasegawa ,it appealed to me because it is significantly cheaper and it looks like it is more suited to the level of study that I should be doing.

I am at a point where I am somewhat lost and confused on how to correctly continuing to study Japanese, or maybe I am overwhelmed.

So with all that said I hope either a native Japanese or Japanese language learner can offer me some advice on what I should do about it :).

It probably sounded like I complained allot but I just feel like I have say everything that I am feeling with my current self study language learning en-devour.

Any advice is appreciated :)

Aug 4, 2016 10:54 AM
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Hi! I've been studying Japanese for a year and a half on my own and I have a lot of advice! I feel like I've been very successful haha but of course I'm not that good yet, I just mean that my study methods have definitely worked.B

But anyway, it's a lot to type so if you'd like to skype I'd be happy to tell you and show you the things I use to study :)  I can give you a lot of specific advice and resources, if that's what you're looking for  

August 4, 2016

I have never seen "Tae Kim's guide to learning Japanese" being mentioned here and as that was the only resource for learning I used I would obviously recommend it to you as well. I have it downloaded on my phone, but I'm not sure about using it on a computer, maybe you can check.

 However, I myself am not yet fluent either but I am definitely on a level when I can understand most stuff about daily life and so on. I have been learning Japanese for about two years, and if I'm honest, I got my first knowledge from anime when it comes to simple phrases and vocabulary. Well, when I actually started learning it for real, I was mostly focusing on learning kanji for the first half of the year, learning grammar along with it - I just learned kanji the simple way, rewriting it as many times as I had to to remember them (though, now I am mostly learning how to read them only). Also, for the first year or so I didn't really have much contact with actual Japanese other than watching animation and trying to read manga occasionally. I decided to build up my vocabulary before getting in contact with Japanese people and trying to talk to them. Now, I just keep in contact with Japanese mostly by watching YouTube videos, listening to the songs, and as I am a fan of anime and such stuff I also read manga in Japanese (preferring the ones with furigana as it makes it a lot easier). Language exchange sites such as this one made learning easier as well - and once you get to a certain level when you can understand more, I think that you can focus on learning Japanese the fun way, as I am planning now with playing games in Japanese since I'm a fan. :D

 I have never taken any classes nor have I had a tutor, but I think that you can actually study a language way faster yourself than you would in class.

 I'm not sure how much of this actually helps you since I mostly described my own experience learning Japanese. But I'm glad if it did in a way.

August 4, 2016

Since I'm Japanese, I don't know which way of learning Japanese is the best for you. Other learners can give better advice than me. I just want to say that not only Japanese, but also every language has difficulties for learners. Learning Japanese isn't special because for us, learning English is difficult, too. 

anyway, I'll make my suggestions for your translations. 

--> 私は英語を話しますが、田中さんとは日本語で話します。
I speak English but I speak in Japanese with Mr Tanaka
*話 is noun, "story" and 話すis verb and conjugates 話さない、話します、話す with さ、し、す.

--> 私は日本語を話しますが、友達とは英語で話します。
I speak Japanese but with my friends I speak English

--> 私はテレビを見ながら / テレビを見ているあいだ、ワインをのみました。
I drank wine while I watched the tv
*Your translations said the same thing but I'd like to make it more clear as the original sentence means. 

I hope this was helpful. Good luck to your Japanese! 
August 4, 2016
August 8, 2016
Try to get Minna no Nihongo. There are lots of books for begginer and intermediate levels. If you can not afford it, maybe you can get just the main books and dkwnload the others.
August 5, 2016
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